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Cleaning of Cabinets after Installation

 Remove dust, dirt, fingerprints and other contaminates.

Simply wipe the surface with a lint free rag or towel dampened with the following.

  • Simple Green Cleaner reduced with water; reduction per directions Preferred cleaner
  • Ivory or Dawn liquid in water; 2 table spoons per gallon of water
    • The use of ivory and Dawn liquid and water requires a follow up wipe down with clean water to ensure no soap is left on the surface. Do not leave excess water on finished cabinets

After cabinets have been installed and cleaned

The following should be conducted on clear coat stained finishes only. [Not painted]

  • Apply with a lint free rag or towel a small amount of Howards Feed & Wax to the entire cabinet surface.

This will help replenish the woods natural oils and leave the cabinets with a clean depth of image appearance and it will help protect it from being damaged by contaminates.

Warning: Use of ammonia-based and solvent based products can adversely impact finish quality; streaking, loss of sheen and silicone oils may cause damage if used over long periods. This finish is durable, but spills should be cleaned promptly. Also, excessive exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity can cause damage to the finish and wood itself

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